Worship at RCCC

Each Sunday, we treasure the time we are given to gather with one another, sharing in worship, love, and fellowship. To worship God means to love Him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. In our church family, we strive to love one another in response to the abundant love that is shown us through Jesus Christ. In times past, we had the benefit of physically drawing near to one another, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, loving one another presently includes keeping a safe distance.

All in-person worship services have returned to their regular schedule. RCCC continues to monitor COVID-19 updates closely in order to wisely discern the implications for our church and our broader community.

Our church remains steadfast in our commitment to corporate worship. We aim to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed and to be a source of steadfast hope, especially in times of uncertainty. As such, in addition to our in-person worship services on campus, we continue to livestream online weekly worship services on Youtube and will continue to readjust our meeting format to be as beneficial as possible. We encourage you to partake in service at the regular time, though the services will remain up throughout the week to provide more widespread access.

We understand that this time has taken a toll on each of us in different ways, and we pray for the Lord’s perfect grace to be your strength so that you would become reflections of Christ’s unending hope and joy. May we see this as a call to more creatively love our neighbors as ourselves and to draw us into deeper reliance on our good and faithful Father.