Sermon Series

The Urgency of the Good News: The Gospel of Mark

September 6, 2015 – October 16, 2016
The shortest among the Gospel books in the New Testament, Mark conveys a sense of urgency about the good news of Jesus Christ: Time is short, life is precious, and God’s grace is ever real. Don’t wait! Commit yourself to the saving grace of Jesus Christ! It challenges our complacency and awakens our eternal hope.

Belonging Authentically

Retreat Series: August 28, 2015 – August 30, 2015
What does “belonging authentically” mean within the context of the church, and what does it look like in everyday life? In the first session our guest speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs, presents the grounds for why we “belong authentically”, while in the following sessions we explore how to practice this in three important aspects of Christian community.

Connecting the Disconnected

July 26, 2015 – August 23, 2015
This series uncovers the disconnectedness we may have in our church life and seeks to make us authentically connected through God’s word and to the Body of Christ.


January 18, 2015 – July 19, 2015
The book of Judges pictures a holy and loving God who refuses to let His people perish in sin. Let’s discover and be renewed by God’s refreshing grace even when we fail.

Guest Speakers

A collection of off-series sermons and sermons featuring guest speakers.

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