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Sermon Series: Luke

The Gospel of Luke: God’s Initiative to Turn Outsiders into Insiders

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“Good news, for the whole world? Everybody? Really?” Absolutely. The Gospel of Luke sets out to show that Jesus Christ was not simply a new Jewish prophet, but he demonstrated a love for cultural outsiders and people not valued in society. Luke demonstrates Christianity is a faith relevant to both the religious and secular world. This sermon series explores how the gospel of Jesus Christ is a faith relevant to both the Jesus’ time and our present, both the religious and secular, as our one true hope of the world.

Redemptive Justice

September 13, 2020 – November 22, 2020
Redemption and justice are prominent themes in the consciousness of our culture today, but they are often viewed completely at odds with each other. This sermon series seeks to show where redemption and justice converge we find at its core the love of God. We will show how the tension perceived between them is due to a misunderstanding of each, and how experiencing redemptive justice transforms our mindset towards others in a powerful way.

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The Gospel Never Leaves Believers Unchanged

September 1, 2019 – September 6, 2020
Alienation in human relationships is rooted in the alienation of our relationship with the only true God. Paul in this book presented God’s response to that problem. It is through the gospel in Jesus Christ that God unleashes a power to change people and restore their relationship to Him.

The Gospel that Saves: The Message of Judgment and the Hope of Repentance

June 23, 2019 – August 25, 2019
Does your inner brokenness bother you? Do you ever struggle with feeling complacent? The vivid images and colorful rhetorics of the Book of Joel: the terrible locust plague, the moon turning to blood, the consuming fire, and the invading foreign armies, are designed to awaken us from spiritual stupor. The message of Joel speaks into our ever-present worries with a word of hope, that even in intense sufferings the Lord will judge the wicked and restore his people with hope and promise.

The Gospel That Overcomes

January 6, 2019 – June 16, 2019
In first Peter the gospel overcomes outward adversaries, persecution, and hardship. In second Peter the gospel overcomes internal challenges, such as false teaching and heresy.

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