Fall 2020 (September – November)

All classes are on Sundays from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm, unless otherwise noted. Login to see meeting information.

7th Grade – Gospel Roots: 8 Catechism Questions

Brittany Mark | Online

In and outside of school we learn many important and interesting ideas, concepts, and things about a variety of subjects. But what is the greatest knowledge we could possibly possess? If we have made great strife in cracking open the mysteries of life and of the universe and marveled at what we have understood, shouldn’t we marvel even more at the One who created all things? Therefore, the greatest knowledge we could possess is the knowledge of God. In this class we will take a close look at the key attributes of God, and you will find the topics of discussion fascinating and come away with understanding and appreciation of God’s awesome nature.

8th Grade – Following Jesus: A Closer Look at His Life

Rob Cantilina and Bennie Reitan | Online

God created us with the need to relate and interact with each other. Therefore, relationships and the surrounding culture provide learning experiences for personal development, including spiritual growth. But not every relationship or cultural influence is beneficial. In this class we will learn to apply biblical principles in building relationships that not only benefit us but also honor God and to discern and resist harmful cultural influences that may pollute our minds and hearts.

9th Grade – OT Pentatuch

Joe Yu and Team | Online

Through hands-on study and group discussion, this class provides a clear understanding of the 66 books of the Bible in their theme messages, their unity and coherence, and their relevance to our daily life. If you want a better understanding of the whole Bible, this is the place to start.

10th Grade – Know What You Believe

Grace Lee and Harrison Hsu | Online

This class is about asking questions and seeking the truth. No prior knowledge or familiarity with Christianity required. We’ll address the questions you’ve always wanted to ask but never could: can you prove God is real? Why does evil happen? Why is Christianity “better” than other religions? Do you ever have doubts about what key faith elements mean and know the exact Bible verses to quote and explain them? Through topical discussion groups and homework / exercises, this class will help you build your faith on a solid foundation and biblical understanding of God, Man, Christ, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Church, End Times. You will be equipped with accurate Bible references explaining these 7 faith elements so you will be inspired and encouraged with life-changing applications, clearing those doubts and uncertainty.

11th Grade – Acts: Spreading the Good News

Grace Mah and Team | Online

The course is a study of the historical work of the Holy Spirit in the new church, capturing the classic traditions the gospel is both delivered and received.

12th Grade – Revelation: Get Ready to Meet Master

Pastor Sandy Liu | Online

Being perceived as one of the most difficult yet intriguing books of the Bible, Revelation bears some similarity with Old Testament prophet books Ezekiel and Daniel. The interpretation of the content of Revelation is probably the most controversial compared to that for other books of the Bible, particularly on the significance and the message of the 7 churches, the living creatures and the 24 elders, the rider of the white horse(s), the number 666, the 10 heads and the 7 horns of the beast, the beast looking and speaking like a lamb, the millennium, the tribulation, the two rounds of resurrection ….. etc. As students often get confused or lost in the arguments and the book become fragmented, few really pay attention to the big picture and ask: “Is this book least relevant to today’s readers and mainly for entertaining, because it only talks about things to happen in the future?”, “What did the author want to tell the readers and what response did he anticipate through all the descriptions and recordings?”