Summer 2020 (June – August)

All classes are on Sundays from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.

7th Grade – Mark

Wesley Chin, Grace Mah, and Brittany Mark | Online

8th grade – Living By the Book: Relating Biblically to People and Culture

Rob Cantilina and Bennie Reitan | Online

Youths get more concerned with many life issues as they become self-conscious. Am I normal? Do my friends like me? Why do I feel out of place? Am I meeting all the expectations? Dealing with issues concerning self in the adolescent years could be quite confusing and stressful! But there is help because God has given us His Manual of Life, the Bible, to guide us to live a full and meaningful life. In this class we’ll discuss adolescent issues and seek understanding and help from God’s Manual.

9th grade – OT/NT Survey, Part IV

Edmund Lau and Team | Online

Through hands-on study and group discussion, this class provides a clear understanding of the 66 books of the Bible in their theme messages, their unity and coherence, and their relevance to our daily life. If you want a better understanding of the whole Bible, this is the place to start.

10th Grade – A Homiletics Study on God’s Redemptive Plan

Elder Robin Chen and Team | Online

Homiletics is a method of studying Bible passages in context and analyzing them in depth to uncover the key message(s) of the author to the recipients. In this class, we will practice the method with 12 short passages from the Bible, which reveal God’s redemptive plan. We will also share our findings in group discussion, and discover their relevance to our daily living.

11th Grade – 1 Peter & Hebrews: Grow with Hardships

Matt Lau, Kristal Calkins, Joyce Lam | Online

Wise Christians understand that opposition and suffering are normal for the church, and are prepared for anything. That’s why Christians today need the message of 1 Peter — a letter to first-century believers surrounded by trials and hostility.

12th Grade – Dig In

Andrew Yuen and Team | Online

Explore issues of Christian faith during college time.