Summer 2022 (June – August)

All classes are on Sundays from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm, unless otherwise noted. Login to see meeting information.

Gospel Talk

Gospel Talk Team

Who is God? What is our purpose? What is the Good News? If you are not a Christian or are exploring the faith, Gospel Talk is a place for you to learn more alongside believers and newcomers alike. Come join us for lively, Scripture-based, and transformative discussions every week. For more information, please contact the Gospel Talk Team.

Leadership Essentials

Teaching Team | Agape Overflow Room

If we are looking for some training to be servant leaders in our church, come join our class. We will look at leadership essentials for shaping vision, utilizing our gifts, and the importance of defining the character of a servant leader in the church. We will explore the character, posture, vision, and shaping of a leader in the church. The class will be based on a book of the same name by Greg Ogden. Please join us for this class as we explore and grow together in Christ. The class will be held in the overflow room in Agape Chapel from 11:00am to 12:15pm.

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Leadership Essentials

Community Service Initiative (CSI)

David Johnson and Team
*** NOTE: due to the current pandemic, visits to the nursing home have been suspended until further notice. Please continue to pray for the staff and residents.

See Youth Sunday School classes.