GoldenGen Ministry

GoldenGen Ministry

God has a purpose for older people. Not to lord it over others, but to help, to listen, to guide, to encourage, and, most importantly, to speak of His faithfulness. (Psalm 78)

Retirement is a life stage, where you can use your gifts, skills, and abilities to glorify God differently than when you were working full-time.

One of the greatest opportunities is to fellowship and care for others by leveraging the gifts from the Lord.

Our vision for the ministry is multi-faceted:

  • Building Meaningful Relationships: Fostering connections among older adults.
  • Affirmation and Encouragement: Providing support and uplifting the elderly.
  • Outreach Services:
  • Utilizing Gifts and Skills:
  • Mental and Physical Encouragement:
  • Community Involvement:

The envisioned programs include:

  • Weekly Program: Incorporating Bible activities, prayers, singing/dancing, exercise, games, book clubs, crafts, cooking and a nutritious lunch.
  • Monthly Dining or Cooking Together: Fostering social bonds through shared meals.
  • Seasonal Picnics: Embracing the outdoors in Spring and Fall.
  • Annual Retreat: Providing a retreat for spiritual reflection and connection.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Observing significant holidays like Easter and Christmas.

EC Contact: Elder David Yuen

Questions? Email GoldenGen or Shuli Lau.