Common Questions

Common Questions

When are Sunday services?

Sunday Worship Service starts at 9:15 am in the Sanctuary of Building D (Charis Chapel). After the service, you are welcome to join us for refreshments and fellowship at 10:30 am in Building C (Agape Chapel). Sunday School for both adults and youth starts at 11:00 am.

How do I get to church?

Our address is 71 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, New Jersey. We are easily accessible from I-287 and NJ-18, and only a few minutes from New Brunswick and the Rutgers University campuses. Get directions.

If you are a Rutgers University student staying at a campus in New Brunswick or Piscataway and need a ride to church on Sundays, please contact us to arrange for a free ride to and from church.

How long are your services?

Services are approximately 70 minutes long. A typical worship service starts with a time for personal meditation and corporate praise, followed by scripture reading and the main message, ending with a song of response and a few announcements regarding the life of the church.

What is your preaching/worship style?

Our service consists of contemporary and meaningful worship with a message from God’s Word that will help us strengthen our relationship with Him and with one another.

Do I need to dress up for service?

Wear whatever you like! We only ask that your clothes be modest and that you keep in mind that you’re coming to worship God together with His people. We have some members who come in suits and ties and others who come in jeans and T-shirts. Both are welcome!

What can you provide for my kids?

Plenty! Our church has a thriving children ministry. We have fantastic programs for children 18 months through high school at 9:15 am and 11:00 am each week. For more information, stop by the Service Desk on Sundays.

Do you offer Sunday School classes every week?

Of course we do! Every quarter we offer a new set of classes for adults and youth. Check out the Adult Sunday School and Youth Sunday School pages to see classes for the current quarter.

How often do you celebrate communion?

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month.

As followers of Jesus, we take communion together as a community. In doing so we give thanks in remembrance of Jesus who took the sin of the world upon Himself and died on a cross so that those who accept His free gift of grace would not perish but have eternal life. Communion is therefore reserved for those who have professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ publicly through baptism.

Is your church wheelchair-accessible?

Absolutely! There are several handicap-marked parking spots and access ramps to the main building. There is also a section in the Sanctuary reserved for handicap access. Please see someone at the Service Desk for assistance.

What kinds of fellowship opportunities does your church provide beyond Sunday morning?

We have a vibrant caring ministry through community groups that meet regularly at homes throughout Central New Jersey. To learn more and connect with one, check out our Community Groups page.

How do I get baptized?

We are thrilled that you’ve decided to make your faith public! If you would like to be a baptismal candidate, visit us on Sundays and speak with someone at the Service Desk. The baptismal process involves a course, preparing a testimony, and an brief examination.

How do I become a member?

Believing Christians who have been baptized in another church and seek to commit to the community here at RCCC are encouraged to become a member. If you would like to apply for membership, visit us on Sundays and speak with someone at the Service Desk. The membership process involves a brief course and preparing a testimony.

What kinds of service opportunities do you have?

We have various service projects and activities happening throughout the year that are suitable for all ages. Some of the community service activities are seasonal, such as the Leaf Raking Day in the fall. Check out the Community Ministry page.

In addition to community service, there are many opportunities to serve within the church family. Anything from ushering and welcoming visitors, to serving lunch and directing traffic on Sundays. If interested in service opportunities, please contact us for more information.