Announcement – March 11, 2020

Announcement No. 1
Emergency Contingency Planning Committee
Rutgers Community Christian Church
March 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters of RCCC,

As we all may be aware of, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the New York metropolitan area is spreading fiercely.

Although there is uncertainty about the future, we can be sure that “The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as king forever” (Psa 29:10). Our faithful God will give His people sufficient grace. Through reverent prayers to our God, our fellow church workers have decided to make the following announcement for the health and safety of His people.

We will be broadcasting Sunday worship live so that we, as the Rutgers family, can still worship together. This will be a temporary accommodation, and the epidemic will eventually end. We believe that God will use this opportunity to bring our families closer together and to cherish the goodness of our entire Rutgers family.

RCCC Senior Pastor Elder Daniel Luan

RCCC facilities will be closed for all public gatherings
Effective from Friday, March 13 until Friday, April 3, 2020

In light of the intensifying novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, New Jersey and New York have declared a state of emergency. Additionally, Rutgers University and Princeton University have cancelled and digitized classes. In the interest of ensuring the safety of our members, RCCC’s Emergency Contingency Planning Committee hereby issues this first announcement.

While the church facility is closed, weekly fellowship group gathering, Wednesday evening prayer meeting, Sunday worship service, and Sunday school will all temporarily adopt the online format. The fellowship leaders and small group leaders and Sunday school teachers are encouraged to plan ahead and lead their online meetings or Sunday school classes.

Web links to live streaming Sunday worship services and Wednesday evening prayer meetings:
(1) EC Sunday worship service (9:15-10:25 AM): Use Charis link
(2) CC Sunday worship service (9:15-10:25 AM): Use Logos link
(3) Children’s Sunday worship service (10:30-11:00 AM): Use Logos link
(4) MC Sunday worship service (11:00 AM-12:10 PM): Use Charis link
(5) Wednesday evening prayer meeting (8:00-9:15 PM): Use Logos link

Church office will remain open during March 13 and April 3.

RCCC – Emergency Contingency Planning Committee

Logos link (for Wednesday evening prayer meeting and CC and Children’s Sunday worship services):
Charis link (for EC and MC Sunday worship services):